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Sydonne Warren, a native of Jamaica, undertook the journey of immigration to Canada at the age of three, accompanied by her mother and aunt. Her formative years were spent in Northeast Calgary, culminating in her graduation from James Fowler High School. Throughout her youth, Sydonne demonstrated a well-rounded skill set, engaging in sports, music, and cultivating drawing as a significant pastime.

Post-high school graduation, Sydonne's profound passion for drawing prompted her enrollment in Architectural Technology at SAIT, driven by the aspiration to turn her artistic skills into a viable profession. Through self-directed learning, she mastered the art of drawing and painting portraiture, dedicating substantial time to the refinement of her craft.

In 2019, recognizing the need for further artistic development, Sydonne made the decision to pursue studies at the Alberta University of the Arts, seeking to solidify her standing in the arts and augment the design skills honed at SAIT. Concurrently, she embarked on a venture into mural painting, establishing herself as a notable muralist in the vibrant artistic community of Calgary.

In 2021, Sydonne founded a paint and sip company with a specific focus on imparting the intricacies of pop art to local patrons. Her commitment to both mural painting and instructional roles persists as she navigates her ongoing artistic journey. Drawing inspiration from her life experiences, Sydonne is deeply rooted in the belief that artists serve as messengers in society.

Eagerly anticipating forthcoming opportunities to share her artistic voice, she looks ahead to making impactful contributions to the artistic landscape. Additionally, Sydonne takes pride in mentoring emerging artists, recognizing the significance of fostering the growth of the next generation within the artistic community.

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